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4 Injected With Petrol In Private Parts Allegedly Over Stolen Phone

October 21, 2016 | By


Four men, including two teenagers, were beaten up and their private parts were injected with petrol in Ghaziabad near Delhi, allegedly on suspicion that they had stolen a mobile phone.

The brother of a local Samajwadi Party leader, identified as Rizwan, is among the two who have been arrested and charged with “unnatural offences” besides other crimes.

Last Friday, Rizwan, who runs a dairy, suspected four young men from his neighbourhood of stealing his mobile phone and called them to his shop.

Zaheer Baig, 17, Gulzar, 16, Fimo and Firoz, both 25, were subjected to hours of beating and torture, said senior police officer Rakesh Pandey.

Rizwan was joined by his two friends Akil and Nadeem.

They allegedly filled syringes with petrol from Rizwan’s bike and injected the four multiple times as they screamed and nearly fainted with pain. The two teenagers, Zaheer and Gulzar, are in a critical state, the police say. They both had major surgeries to help with their body functions until they heal completely.

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