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Allahabad Municipal Corporation to lead study of houses

May 30, 2016 | By

People in the city face significant issues while finding addresses as houses are not numbered serially. So Allahabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is embraced a new study of houses inside metropolitan breaking points with the goal that houses can be numbered legitimately. It will likewise distinguish and bring new houses inside the ambit of house assessment.

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The ranges thinking about this issue incorporate Kareli, Ghausnagar, Akbarpur, Khuldabad, Malviyanagar, Rajapur, Civil Lines, Sohbatiabagh, Salori, Bagahra and Chhota Bagahra. In these regions, there were numerous empty grounds on which developments has occurred.

The last study that the AMC led was in 2007 yet numerous new structures have come up subsequent to. As per an evaluation, there are around 2,10,000 houses in Allahabad city inside as far as possible.

Boss expense evaluation officer PK Mishra said, “Study of the houses will be done through an office. There were around 1,80,000 houses in 2007.”

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