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Andhra Pradesh to put a conclusion to different enlistments

April 4, 2016 | By

The Andhra Pradesh government has chosen to change the Indian Registration Act, 1908, to put a conclusion to various enlistment of properties in the state. Since area falls under the simultaneous rundown, the AP government will look for the endorsement of the focal government before revising the enactment. The AP bureau cleared the proposition and a statute is prone to be issued on Monday.


“We will send the law to the Union home service, which will clear and forward it to the President for his consent. Once the consent is gotten, the revision will come into power, putting a conclusion to various enrollments,” Ajey Kallam, extraordinary boss secretary, income, told.

Andhra Pradesh will be the second state in the nation to move such a correction. Prior, Madhya Pradesh had revised the enactment. As per authority records, around eight lakh common cases identified with claimed enlistment anomalies have been pending in courts for a long time. A large number of individuals have been duped by deceitful land intermediaries through numerous enlistments. The proposed revision will put a conclusion to such suits.

The state government has proposed to incorporate a sub-segment to Section 22 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908, accommodating renunciation of enlistment archive if the property is as of now enrolled by the same dealer. The new sub-segment ensures that all rights on the particular property are exchanged through the enlistment. The object of the correction is to make preparations for the creation of records, as the genuine reason for enrollment is to check fraud, to give great proof of the validity of composed instruments, and not only to offer data to outsiders. In different choices of the courts, it has been held that the object of enrollment is to ensure against earlier exchange.

The proposed correction says “no enlisting officer might acknowledge for enrollment any archive identifying with the offer of any relentless property, if the property contained in that has as of now been passed on or for all time estranged by the same individual or his delegate, chosen one or specialists for whatever other individual by an enrolled report, unless the past enlisted record is crossed out by request of a court”.

Ajey Kallam said that till now, enlistment implied enrolling an archive. “In any case, we have now proposed significant changes and once enlistment is over, the dealer will lose his rights and buyer will have all rights over the property. Request and similarity will appear with the revision. To check the proprietorship, we take the assistance of our electronic area bank, Webland,” he included.

Further, the AP government will likewise propose changes in Section 18, which makes enlistment of reports in specific classes as discretionary. The state government needed to evacuate the discretionary provision to end the equivocalness in the enrollment. Area 31 of the Act will be changed to put a conclusion to the enlistment at spots other than the premises of the recorder office. So also, Sections 54 and 48 of the Act that arrangement with the area record list and genuineness will likewise be changed.

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