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Another mishap to Royal Group proprietors

March 2, 2016 | By

In another difficulty to proprietors of Royal Empire and Royal Apartments, Mohali’s Permanent Lok Adalat (PLA) on Tuesday educated proprietor Jeevan Garg to discount the sincere cash of Rs15.30 lakh, alongside nine for each penny premium, and give rupees one lakh as pay, in addition to Rs15,000 as lawful costs to Jayshal Sood, a financial specialist who put his cash in the uber Royal Apartments venture in Peer Muchalla, Zirakpur.


Sood, who likewise held up a FIR against Garg, drew nearer the PLA around nine months back, arguing provocation by proprietors of Royal Apartments, who had gotten the sincere cash of the level, yet neglected to hand him over its ownership. Garg is presently held up in Patiala correctional facility regarding a tricking case. His child Prince was as of late captured by Chandigarh Police regarding a lodging trick. He is held up in Model Burail correctional facility.

Sood told ToI: “I had been battling hard to recuperate my sincere cash from the manufacturer. I had paid Rs15.30 lakh, yet never got ownership of my level in Royal Apartments. I was the principal casualty of this lodging trick, who chose to thump the PLA’s entryway. There are such a variety of individuals such as me, who contributed the cash, yet never got ownership of their pads.” Advocate Rakesh Bajaj said various notification were issued to Garg, yet he didn’t get the greater part of them.

The Royal Empire has 535 pads and Royal Apartments around 112. Both the lodging ventures are situated at Peer Muchalla close Zirakpur. The lodging trick surfaced in 2012, and Jeevan, his child, and overseeing chiefs of Royal Empire and Royal Apartments were captured from New Delhi on August 30, 2012. On February 22, Garg was reserved, and his child Prince captured for hoodwinking a Manimajra inhabitant of Rs22.50 lakh on the appearance of giving him a level in Royal Empire. Vivek Nagpal of Manimajra answered to the police: “The Gargs and their representatives had taken Rs22.50 lakh from me for a level in Royal Empire, yet neglected to give me a level. I over and again requested my cash back, yet all futile.”

In April 2013, Prince was captured for tricking Mohali occupant Jaideep Ghai of Rs60 lakh on the appearance of offering him a level in Royal Empire. Ghai had asserted that Prince had taken an enormous sum from him, however neglected to give him the level. The case was enlisted at the Sector 34 police headquarters.

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