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You can offer Chandigarh Housing Board house at whatever time

March 2, 2016 | By

The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) on Today waived off the lock-in-state of five years to offer and exchange property, a choice that would give immense help to house proprietors and could expand the rate of properties in Chandigarh.


The CHB that has developed more than 50,000 abiding units in the city, has included both freehold and leasehold property under the waiver. The choice would likewise be pertinent on General-Self Financing Housing Scheme, Sector 63. The board has additionally chosen to permit allottees to roll out inner improvements without its authorization yet in the wake of satisfying a few conditions. Changes would be confirmed by qualified architects enrolled with the organization and former composed assent taken from all allottees of the floors in which the residence unit was found were some of them. The board additionally cleared up that no progressions would be permitted in the outside of the building. The choices were taken in an abnormal state meeting led by CHB director Maninder Singh Bains.

By designation rules, pads could be sold after a lock-in time of five years from the date of physical ownership of the property. Before, the CHB had loose the five-year lock-in period, however later pulled back the unwinding in 2015. Be that as it may, CHB has additionally endorsed and authorized Rs 49.28 lakh for giving trussed shed (scope of patios and stair cases) at corners for rehri market in Sector 41-A, Chandigarh, known as Krishna Market. It will be finished by using CHB stores at present and the same will be repaid by the money branch of Chandigarh organization.

The CHB has additionally shortlisted seven banks for the lodging plan of 128 two-room pads in Sector 51 on Tuesday. The banks were SBI, Sector 9, PNB, Sector 8, Axis Bank, Sector 8, ICICI Bank, Sector 9, Allahabad Bank Sector 17, Punjab and Sind Bank, Sector 11, and IndusInd Bank Sector 8.

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