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Challenging Amrapali Golf Home purchasers hit Noida roads, request ownership of property

April 25, 2016 | By

Angry level proprietors of Amrapali Golf Homes hit the roads in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, on Saturday to challenge against their developer who has postponed giving over the ownership of homes and declined to pay punishments emerging out of the deferral.


One of the most excellent ventures in the Noida augmentation territory, Amrapali Golf Homes has generally stayed unnoticed, even as it’s loaded with a few miserable stories.

Kapil Arora, a purchaser, has a weak septuagenarian father who needs standard medicinal consideration for his kidney treatment. On the off chance that that is insufficient, Kapil’s mom built up a serious spine issue because of which she needed to experience a noteworthy surgery requiring an insert in her spine.

Yet, now, the Gurgaon occupant is experiencing a harder stage to meet the restorative costs. He has paid somewhat less than 50 Lakhs for a condo in Amrapali Golf Homes in Greater Noida and needs to pay Rs 36,000 every month as the bank’s EMI against the home advance. Rs 25,000 go as month to month home rental. His rehashed demands for the arrival of his cash from the land goliath haven’t yielded any outcome.

Dispatched in 2009, Amrapali Golf Homes is yet to see the light of the day. Spread over a zone of around 60 sections of land in Greater Noida West, the mega private arrangement should have 50 elevated structures, yet the undertaking, starting now, is nothing not exactly a blemish on the horizon the zone.

Home purchasers assert that the development got slowed down two years back and regardless of rehashed gatherings between the level proprietors and the manufacturer, there has been no progress.

At the point when the debate of Amrapali Sapphire ejected, it gave a hint of something to look forward to the Golf Home purchasers.

Be that as it may, the energy lost the steam with the reports of different developers and tasks streaming in. The Golf Home purchasers by and by got disregarded.

Some of them likewise met Amrapali Group’s Chairman and Managing Director Dr Anil K Sharma in February and again in April, however the composed report they as of late got has left numerous families disillusioned.

Amrapali Group, in light of the minutes of gatherings arranged by Amrapali Golf Homes Buyers expresses, “The deferral under lock and key was brought on because of legitimate and other statuary issues which was outside our ability to control. Further alluding to the meeting dated 12-2-16, we have affirmed that we will be beginning offering ownership from October 2016 and close it by December 2017. Development plan effectively shared. We have additionally guaranteed that ownership dates won’t be overhauled.”

Irate home purchasers assert that the issue of postponed and expanded punishment was talked about in points of interest with the Dr Anil Sharma and it was examined and guaranteed that the same would be considered if the Amrapali Group neglects to meet the conveyance due dates. In any case, the Noida based developer says, “We might pay delay punishment as said in the level purchaser assention.”

The situation is, whether they quit paying back the bank advances they would be termed as defaulters, which risk ruining their record with the money establishments. On the off chance that they keep paying rent and also EMIs, it can arrive them in budgetary crunch.

While the North Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) has taken an extreme position by constituting an uncommon board of trustees, which will investigate grumblings of home purchasers, Amrapali Golf Homes purchasers would like to move into the houses for which they have officially paid through their nose. As one purchaser puts it, “the venture has around 6,000 homes, which implies 6,000 families and no less than 12,000 individuals. Envision where these a large number of individuals would go if rendered destitute.”

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