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Chandigarh lodging board gives 13 motivations to cheer

February 19, 2016 | By

Giving a noteworthy help to lakhs of city inhabitants, the Chandigarh Housing Board on today affirmed 13 need-based changes, which was a long-pending interest of occupants.

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The progressions incorporate establishment of iron grilles, enlarging of dowagers and extra grilles in stopping zones. The CHB has additionally chosen to give the procurement of lifts in the lodging social orders.

Galleries anticipating three feet along the length of the flat on the front and back – where not gave initially, bolstered on end divider expansions and dovetailed well with the principle fabricating in order to be basically sheltered – might be developed just when all loft proprietors in a building consent to execute it together.

Projections (1.5 feet) might be developed over windows and entryways reaching out up to 152mm (six inches) on both sides of the entryway or window length according to the standard outline. Extra windows might be cut in dividers just according to measure. Removing so as to exist windows might be expanded in size blocks underneath them and bringing down the part up to four inch above floor level.

The CHB has permitted the extra development just to the degree accommodated in the sort savvy two-dimensional drawings, which are accessible on the site page of Chandigarh Housing Board on the official entry of Chandigarh organization at www.chandigarh.gov.in.

In any case, it is permitted subject to shared assent of all allottees on all floors of the piece furthermore of the abutting floor having a typical divider.

Scope with lightweight materials as sunshades over overhangs according to standard outline and shading is permitted.

On the off chance that every one of condo’s proprietors of a piece concur, they might mutually do treatment of external surface of building.

Here, a piece is characterized as all the home units which are gotten to by a typical staircase.

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