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Chennai occupants rent out open streets on absence of space

February 16, 2016 | By

An extreme lack of parking spot in the city has permitted a few inhabitants to boldly `rent out’ space on open streets to drivers. Like a lady in a blue house on second Main Road in CIT Nagar. She charges Rs 1,500 consistently for space to stop an auto outside her home.

“In the event that the police come to tow your auto, I will let them know it’s my vehicle and they’ll abandon it alone,”she says. “That is the means by which it is done here.”

With hot interest for stopping, an all new `business’ is flourishing under the nose of the powers. On a few avenues, proprietors of houses rent out streets that Greater Chennai Corporation keeps up to individuals to stop their vehicles for no not as much as Rs 1,000 month.

Specialists concur that stopping charges ought to be high to prevent individuals from utilizing mechanized individual vehicles – to provoke more prominent utilization of open transport and diminish blockage – however they surely are not discussing people assuming control over the occupation from the organization.

A back of the envelope computation demonstrates that the enterprise could rake in any event Rs 63 crore consistently from stopping charges in the city.

On four road that reviewed – Ramasamy Street and Venkatesan Street in T Nagar, first Main Road in RA Puram and second Main Road in CIT Nagar – drivers had stopped 156 or 60% of the 265 four-wheelers out and about. Just 40% stopped inside mixes. If one somehow happened to extend this to the whole city, which has seven lakh four-wheelers, the proprietors of 4.2 lakh autos park on the streets. Also, if the metro body were to charge each of them Rs 1,500, it would make at any rate Rs 63 crore a month. By, on-road stopping is unlawful unless the city police or organization indicates it as a stopping zone with a billboard.

A dominant part of the objections on the Chennai activity police’s Facebook page are about wrongfully stopped autos that upsetting movement and putting walkers at danger. Protestations pour in from all parts of the city and the police reaction has for the most part been to fine guilty parties Rs 100 a sum that Chennaiites are accustomed to paying to stop in shopping centers.

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