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Choice to change land use flashes dissent on Vasundhara plot

January 20, 2016 | By

he UP Housing Board’s choice to change the area utilization of a plot in Vasundhara Sector 7 from institutional to blended has irritated occupants.

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Around 250 occupants on today assembled at Atal Chowk on Monday and requested that the Board change its choice. They plan to sort out a candlelight walk and dissent before the Board’s office soon.

U B Garg, an occupant, said, “We had made our complaints clear and an abnormal state panel set up by the UP Housing Board was planned to meet us on January 8, however it was suddenly wiped out. So we are left with no choice yet to take our challenge to the roads.”

Another challenging occupant Ashok Sharma said, “Even following two decades Vasundhara is as yet sitting tight for a degree school, healing facility, play area and every one of these years we were informed that 41 sections of land of area in Sector 7 foundations for open utilities will come up yet when the time came load up is attempting to give away it to private developers. This is unfairness and we expectation to do our unsettling till the UP Housing Board yields.”

Inconvenience started when the Housing Board in November a year ago welcomed protest from occupants for change of area use strategy of a 41 sections of land of area in Sector 7. In the first design, the plot was reserved for group or office focuses including play area, healing facility and parks. Be that as it may, the board, through change in area use, plans to give the area to private developer.

Udaybhan, another inhabitant, said, “Under Section 6 of UP Park, Playground and Open Space (Provision and Regulation) Act, 1975, the city organization can’t change land use. The Supreme Court had in 2005 said area utilization of space left for open utilities and accommodations can’t be changed. We plan to challenge the Board’s choice in court.”

K A Singhal, superintending engineer, UP Housing Board, said, “The administration has shaped an abnormal state panel to investigate the occupants’ grievances.”

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