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Dictator venture fixing: Supertech purchasers gherao executive, look for clarification

April 22, 2016 | By

A day after reported that the Greater Noida Industrial Authority (GNIDA) has requested that Supertech seal 1,009 private units at its Czar venture in Greater Noida for disregarding the authorized arrangement, furious homebuyers gheraoed one of the organization’s chiefs, P K Goel, on today and requested clarifications on what was going on.


Homebuyers, generally from white collar class families who have put their lives’ investment funds in this anticipate at Omicron 1, told that they had been apprehensive for long the undertaking would get stuck and some said they were considering making legitimate move against the manufacturer.

“We have been disturbing against the designer for more than two years now,” said A K Singh, an educator who was the first to document a RTI application with the GNIDA in April 2014. “Through a RTI, I asked about the status of the finish testament for Tower Nicolas-I, where I live. I was educated by GNIDA that no fruition had been conceded to the tower,” he said.

“Resulting inquiries by me uncovered that the manufacturer had built 1,904 units rather than the endorsed 844 units. Be that as it may, in spite of a show-cause notice by GNIDA on December 3, 2014 inquiring as to why the extra units ought not be pulverized, no move was made,” he asserted.

“It is hard for us to trust that GNIDA did not comprehend what was going on directly in front of its,” said Manoranjan Singh, another inhabitant. “Almost a hundred of us additionally marked a request in July 2015 and submitted it to GNIDA advising the power about infringement in building local laws yet got no respite,” said Vinod Singh.

“On the off chance that any of our homes must be emptied or annihilated, we need Supertech to offer it to us in composing that the proprietor will be obliged somewhere else,” he included.

Last July, occupants shot off letters to UP boss priest Akhilesh Yadav, PM Narendra Modi, and even to President Pranab Mukherjee. “We highlighted that the developer had abused the standards of the lease deed with GNIDA, Building Code 2005, UP Apartment Act 2010 and GNIDA’s local laws,” said Deepak Sanwal, general secretary of the RWA. “Be that as it may, so far we have not got any assistance from anybody,” included Singh.

Occupants have now debilitated to escalate their dissent and even approach the courts for help.

“On the off chance that the powers neglect to address the issue and let off the developer this time, we will arrange dissents and approach the legal,” said Narendra Kumar, another occupant. “We will achieve an accord with all partners and afterward chalk out our next arrangement of activity,” he said.

GNIDA CEO Deepak Agarwal said Supertech has presented its answer to its notification on April 18, 2016. “Our arranging division group will examine the building and the realty association’s answer inside 30 days,” Agarwal said. “In their answer they have said that as per an UP government periodical notice, populace thickness in gathering lodging social orders was expanded from 1,650 to 2,150 for every hectare. In the event that additional 1,009 pads are built according to the new standards, then we will give endorsements. However, in the event that pads can’t be regularized according to these standards, then we will make reasonable move. In the most dire outcome imaginable, purchasers will need to approach shopper courts for alleviation.”

“We have framed an advisory group to look at and process the case,” said P C Gupta, extra CEO, GNIDA, who is the nodal request officer. “In the event that the development can be regularized, it will be done,” he said, including that inhabitants need not freeze.

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