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Gujarat govt looks for time to answer ashore designated close Gir asylum

February 26, 2016 | By

The state government on Wednesday looked for time from Gujarat high court to present an answer to the PIL addressing designation of government area at concessional rate close Gir asylum in Amreli locale, to the business accomplice of Anar Patel, little girl of boss clergyman Anandiben Patel.

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The solicitor, Sangathan (an association of RTI activists), has looked for a legal test into the portion of area, activity against those included in the charged trick lastly cancelation of the allocation to Wildwood Resorts and Realties Pvt Ltd.

The solicitor has named the organization, boss secretary, authorities in the income office, the tourism division, and authorities in the woodland office as gathering respondents in the PIL. The solicitor has additionally requested cancelation of other area bargains around the haven which is the last habitation Asiatic lions.

The PIL has scrutinized the offer of 250 section of land at the rate of Rs 15 for each square meter, against then existing rate of Rs 180 for each square meter.

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