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Gujarat University issues notice to its bequest division

April 8, 2016 | By

Gujarat University has issued a show-cause notice to its domain division, for neglecting to pay property expense to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The issue became exposed after college powers got a notice from AMC, requesting that they pay their property charge levy.


The postpone in installment of property assessment brought about abundance installment of Rs 5 lakh. Property impose, if paid on time, would have been Rs 56 lakh, yet the defer has implied it will need to pay Rs 61 lakh. Subsequent to understanding that it had defaulted, GU looked for a clarification from the home office, which is in charge of installments of power bills and property impose. Bad habit chancellor M N Patel said: “We have pulled out to the domain division and asked them to clear up for what valid reason there was a default by GU. This won’t go on without serious consequences and we will settle obligation on authorities.”

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