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HC rejects Manyata Promoters’ request against Rs 83.45-crore property charge levy

May 26, 2016 | By

The high court on Wednesday dismisses a request recorded by Manyata Promoters Private Ltd which tested the notification issued by BBMP, incorporating the one in October a year ago requesting that they pay differential property charge contribution of Rs 83.45 crore from 2008-09 to 2015-16.


“According to the Supreme Court’s bearings, the state is the power for grouping and order of properties, and the court can meddle just if there is mediation, when arrangement is eccentric or unreasonable. Arrangement made by uprightness of warnings as for mechanical units and non-private structures with focal aerating and cooling is judiciousness based order entirely in consistence with Article 14 of the Constitution, and at no stretch of creative energy it can be rendered as illegal or discretionary,” Justice L Narayanaswamy watched while rejecting the appeal.

The court said the applicant has defaulted and sidestepped charge by paying just at the rate of Rs 8 for each sqft, and a cheat, distortion or illicitness can be earthed at any stage. The court said the candidates are at risk to pay property charge at the rate of Rs 10 for each sqft under classification VIII of the notice, and there is no wrongness or anomaly in the notification issued by BBMP.

Exhortation to govt, BBMP

The high court prompted the administration and in addition BBMP to make accessible phone quantities of mindful persons to help open energetic persons alarm them about assessment avoidance.

Taking note of that the BBMP foundation is not useful to distinguish charge avoidance cases after irregular investigation, the court exhorted the city organization to draw out a registry with points of interest of structures and empty terrains.

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