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Huda laborers go on strike over house assignment faceoff

May 11, 2016 | By

Huda workers went on inconclusive strike from today to restrict the designation of a urban improvement house to police staff. On today, the police took ownership of a house in Sector 15 (section 2) which had been designated to a Huda worker.


“In the first place they distributed a house, which was at that point assigned to a Huda SDO, to a cop. At that point they took control of the house by power notwithstanding our solicitation to hold up till the matter is determined,” said Sadhu Ram from Huda Karamchari Ekta union.

Ramnivas Thakran, a union part, said they will bring up the issue with Huda overseer. “How would they be able to permit this to happen,” said Thakran, while dissenting outside the Huda office in Sector 14.

The house being referred to, home number 5 in Sector 15 (section 2) was allocated to Huda’s sub-divisional officer Vijendra Malik in 2013. In any case, he couldn’t then take ownership of the house as the prior inhabitant, panchayati raj office’s SDO Amarjeet Singh Dangi had not emptied it. In the mean time, delegate chief TL Satyaprakash designated it to a senior cop on May 2, utilizing his authoritative force.

On today, a police group moved some furniture into the house and put a lock on the entryway. Huda representatives additionally put a different lock on the entryway.

Domain officer of Huda, Tarun Pawaria said they have gotten a notice from representatives union. “The Huda executive is out of Gurgaon on authority work. He will talk about the matter with representatives when he returns,” said Pawaria.

Huda has as of late shaped a board to streamline the apportioning of houses to its authorities in Gurgaon. Without a strategy, numerous representatives keep on residing in authority accomodations notwithstanding being exchanged from the city while officers who are exchanged to Gurgaon are compelled to live in private accomodations.

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