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Interview with Ms. Shweta Anand- Vice President Apex Group of Companies

August 22, 2016 | By

image (2)Since how long you are in to the sector?

Ans: I have been working into real estate sector since last 8 years.

Will real estate will up again in Noida/ Greater Noida?

Ans: Real estate market in Noida/Greater Noida surely expected to up in the coming future. Noida is a good investment option for those willing to hold properties for long term. Though it is advisable for investors to opt for projects by reputed builders. Many renown builders are set to launch their residential projects in Noida/ Greater Noida which indicates  healthy surge in interest of leading developers who see Noida and Greater Noida as a leading Real estate Market. We have seen a strong growth in the scale of operations in NCR and look forward to building on this momentum through entry into Noida and Greater Noida which is one of country’s leading Real Estate market.

Noida Connectivity to Delhi and Gurgaon, Metro Service and good infra facilities makes the living experience better in this NCR Region.

Its affordable housing tag is one of the key reason why people has shifted their focus to Noida among NCR Region.

In the recent survey by one of the leading real estate search portal we came to know that around 30% respondents preferred to invest in micro market in Noida and Greater Noida in contrast to other areas in NCR.

Skyrocketing prices have made Gurgaon residential market unaffordable for many. As a result, the focus has shifted to other area in NCR preferably NOIDA and Greater Noida.

Noida realty market also offers good returns on investment with an average yearly expected yield of 10% -15% which is an appealing factor for several investors in this region.

The office market in Noida and greater Noida is also going traction due to availability of quality office space at lower rentals and excellent infrastructure. Companies are expanding their operations in Noida due to  large floor plates compared to any other region in NCR.

Considering all the factors, developers are looking at making the most of this trend by offering budget inventory for which demand is expected to surge in future.

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Will new real estate bill attract customer?

Ans: Real estate regulatory bill will help to regulate the sector and bring clarity for both buyers and developers. It establishes the State Real Estate Regulatory Authority for that particular state as the government body to be approached for redressed of grievances against any builder. Therefore, the customers are now aware whee actually they have to raise their complaints.

Also, this act obliges the developer to park 70% of the project funds in a dedicated bank account. this will ensure that the builder are not able to invest in numerous new projects with the proceeds of the bookings for one project thus relying completion and handover to consumers.

This law also makes it mandatory for developers to post all information on issue such as project plan, layout, govt. approvals, land title status, sub contractor of the project, schedule for completion with the State Real Estate Regulatory Authority and then its effects pass this on to the consumer.

The current practice of selling on basis of Super Built-up Area for a real estate project will come to a stop as this law makes it illegal.

In case of delay in possession the law ensures the developer to make liable to pay the same interest as EMI being paid by Consumer to bank back to customer.

Builder cannot make any changes to the plan that has been sold without written consent of the buyer. Every project measuring more than 500 sq.mtr or more than eight apartments will have to be registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

How much project you have delivered as builder?

Ans: We have delivered more than 20 residential projects in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida.

What other projects or plan coming in future from you brand?

Ans: We are expecting to come up with some new projects in the coming future but for now we are focusing on our project Apex Athena located in sector 75 Noida. We are giving the possession of this project in December 2016. Also our focus is on project Apex Golf Avenue located in Noida Extension Sports City. The construction of this project is at 10th floor and the possession date will be December 2018. Very flexible payment plans are available in this project.

Lot of builders moving in B tier cities, do you have any plan ??

Ans: For now we do not have any plans to launch any project in B cities but yes we are in process to open some new branches to promote our channel partners in B Cities.

Any message to home buyers in your projects.

Ans: With a proud history of delivering projects on time and as per promised specifications APEX Group is a name to reckon with when it comes to real estate in NCR.

Our vision is to be the best and most trusted & innovative real estate developer in the country by creating value fro our customers through excellence in corporate practices. We at Apex Group, constantly working for the development and shaping of land as we’ll as contributing in progress and growth of Nation.

We are committed to serve our clients and all set to expand our real estate operations and creates efficiency which will be the benchmark of architectural finesse.

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