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Interview,Pramod Arora,Group President, PVR Ltd

October 2, 2013 | By

The shift backto high-street from malls has already begun’promod arora

  • Is there a plan to convert Priya into a multiplex?

here is a plan to convert it into a multiplex in the next 24 to 36 months. There is also a plan to upgrade Anupam cinema in the same period through a sale-and-lease model.

  • People still come to these cinema halls. What’s the reason ?

People come here because the prices of tickets are less. It is lesser by Rs 20 compared to PVR in Select Citywalk. The per seat, per annum turnout is more in PVR Anupam in comparison to the one in Select Citywalk. PVR Anupam has low rental value and does not have common area maintenance charges, making it financially viable.

  • Are cinema halls dependent on the success of community centres for business?

No, stand-alone cinema halls can survive on their own. But revival of these community centres is necessary as they are facing extinction. These community centres are strategically placed in terms of real estate. They can be turned around if there is a will. In fact, the shift back to high-street from malls has already begun. People will eventually turn back to high-street as an option. A classic example is Khan Market.

City has…
449: convenient shopping centres
138: local shopping centres
44: community centres
11: district centres

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