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Jaypee’s Wish Town venture purchasers look for meet on postponements

May 23, 2016 | By

Homebuyers in Jaypee’s Wish Town venture in Sector 128 have composed a letter to the senior administration of the designer, looking for a meeting to examine due dates for fruition of undertakings that are lingering behind timetable.

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The level purchasers had met officers of Jaypee on Saturday, where they were given verbal responsibilities of quick activity, and have now looked for a formal, sit-down meeting with the administration within the sight of more than 300 Wish Town purchasers.

“We had a casual meeting with Manoj Gaur (official executive and CEO) on April 30, where 275 purchasers met him. The developer had made certain responsibilities about taking care of our requests ‘in a matter of seconds’. So we need a meeting with the administration again around a more focussed reaction on due dates. We trust they will give us legitimate reactions at the June 11 meeting,” Nrip Mehta, one of the purchasers said.

The trust of purchasers was floated by a National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) request, requesting that Jaypee pay a lofty 12% punishment for the postponement in its Kalypso venture at Wish Town. After the request, 498 more homebuyers had documented a case in the purchaser body, looking for higher pay for postponed ownership. Hailed off in 2008, Jaypee Wish Town is a huge 1,200-section of land task in Sector 128, containing 35,000 flats and 25 social orders. The structures are in different phases of finish.

In the letter, the purchasers have expressed that the manufacturer has till now abstained from giving a legitimate reaction to them and have not tended to their attentiveness toward years. They added that purchasers were compelled to make legitimate move in light of such carelessness from the manufacturers in conveying appropriately.

“We have requested a task shrewd finish dates of all Wish Town flats. We need elucidation on Jaypee’s stand on the punishment for deferral. The meeting has been affirmed by Jaypee workplaces,” Mehta included.

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