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Khadse was peering toward Rs 65 crore payout in area bargain: Plaint

June 2, 2016 | By

Three arrangements of records – the deal deed, a report by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) on the remuneration offered to the proprietor (a duplicate is with) and the police protest documented by development firm proprietor Hemant Gawande- – demonstrate that income priest Eknath Khadse’s family was wanting to rake in a base pay of Rs 65 crore for the area in Bhosari, or was searching for area pay, somewhere else.


The organization, which obtained the area in 1971, settled a pay of Rs 83 lakh to the proprietor Abbas Rasulbhai Ukani on April 4, 2016, in view of the MIDC Act, 1961.

It presented a report to the state government expressing that the proprietor’s interest for pay according to the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 can’t be acknowledged.

In its report, the MIDC’s provincial office in Pune, states, “It is asked for that the higher powers must accept a call if remuneration must be paid according to the business sector rate or ought to be given a land parcel somewhere else as pay.”

Not long after Ukani’s interest was rejected and around 25 days after the MIDC had presented its report, Khadse’s better half and child in-law purchased the area from the proprietor paying Rs 3.75 crore.

The base business sector valuation of this land parcel is Rs 31.01 crore according to Gawande’s police dissension. The base authority remuneration, according to the 2013 demonstration, of this specific piece is pegged at Rs 65 crore.

“Plainly Khadse obtained the area for the sake of relatives and was wanting to look for pay more than two times the present business sector rate of the said property. This specific procurement of law is reflected in ‘The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013’ and it is, obviously that, income clergyman is certainly mindful of this specific procurement of law,” Gawande’s police grumbling against Khadse said.

RTI lobbyist Vijay Kumbhar said the enterprise had denied pay according to the 2013 Act to the first proprietor, however had alluded an official conclusion to higher powers. “At the point when Khadse came into the photo, the first proprietor sold the area to his relatives. Khadse is the income pastor and, utilizing his impact, he could have effectively got remuneration according to the 2013 Act, which is unimaginable for the first proprietor,” Kumbhar included.

Be that as it may, the official business sector rate of the area was not specified in the deal deed and the sub-enlistment center Haveli-10 esteemed the area at Rs 3.75 crore. The Index II of the deal deed mirrors this quality and an aggregate stamp obligation of Rs 1.37 crore was paid on this sum.

A source said land procurement authorities were to re-esteem the business sector rate of area after it was sold to the Khadse family to encourage a base remuneration of Rs 65 crore.

The protestation included that the genuine business sector worth was deliberately erased and precluded by the sub-enlistment center Haveli-10 and thus mirrored a traded off business sector esteem, which by all appearances is a criminal demonstration of altering and producing a profitable security.

The police grievance included that as an aftereffect of illicit changes and modifications, the Khadse and the Ukani relatives have duped the administration and the Income Tax Department of their honest to goodness offer of duties emerging from the offer of the area by hiding the genuine estimation of the exchange.

Nonetheless, Khadse’s office staff asserted that all exchanges were inside the lawful casing work. In the data gave to, Khadse’s office staff expressed, “A choice on the pay has not been made. The MIDC and the area gatherer have requested that the administration accept a call if remuneration must be paid according to the old or new land obtaining act. The proposition will go the businesses division, then to the area securing and the law office. At exactly that point will a choice on remuneration will be taken.”

The area authority and area securing office are under the immediate control of the income service that Khadse heads.

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