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Least upgrade of 9 sq mt rug region required under Urban Housing Mission

June 2, 2016 | By

Under Prime Minister’s Awas Yojana (Urban), least expansion of 9.0 sq mt of floor covering region to the current house will be required to be qualified for focal help under the ‘Recipient Led Construction’ part of the lodging mission.


Service of Housing Urban Poverty Alleviation issued adjusted Guidelines under PMAY (Urban) to this impact to states and union regions for consistence while sending reasonable lodging recommendations for upgrade of existing houses under ‘Recipient Led Construction (BLC)’ segment of lodging mission.

Under BLC, recipients will be helped for development of new houses and upgrade of existing houses to make them more decent. A base expansion of 9.0 sq mt of rug to the current pucca or semi-pucca house should now be guaranteed for being qualified for focal help of Rs.1.50 lakh per recipient. This upgrade might incorporate pucca development of no less than one livable room or stay with kitchen/lavatory/can according to the National Building Construction Norms.

The new rules likewise commanded that after the required least of 9.0 sq mt floor covering territory improvement, all out rug region should not be under 21 sq mt and must not be more than 30 sq mt.

Under BLC part of PMAY(Urban), qualified recipients as of now owning pucca or semi-pucca houses are empowered to embrace upgrade of such homes to make them more decent.

The Technical Group set up by the service of HUPA, in their evaluation of lodging lack in urban regions, reported congested places of 14.99 million, out of date houses-2.27 million, non-serviceable kucha houses-0.99 million and vagrants of 0.53 million, totaling a lodging deficiency of 18.78 million lodging lack in urban zones.

In view of this gauge, the legislature has surveyed a lodging deficiency of 20 million abiding units in urban ranges by 2022.

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