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Legacy committee for reestablishing Shekhawati havelis soon

May 24, 2016 | By

The Local Self Government (LSG) office will soon constitute a Heritage Development Council to protect and reestablish antiquated havelis in the Shekhawati district.


This committee will work for protection, control and upkeep of legacy structures and private havelis in the area. A senior authority educated a draft of tenets has been arranged and sent to Urban Development and Housing (UDH) pastor Rajpal Singh for definite endorsement.

Clarifying the working of the board, an authority said, “The committee will recognize and plan rundown and databank of legacy resources in the locale. It will facilitate make proposals to the state government for assertion of legacy resources as ensured and directed zone in admiration of secured legacy resource under these principles. The committee will likewise obtain rights in legacy resources by method for procurement, lease, blessing or estate with the end goal of preservation.”

The committee will likewise go into concurrences with private persons for the preservation of legacy resources vested in the state government.

It was further educated, an asset known as Shekhwati Region Heritage Development Fund will be built up by the chamber. The state government will pay the legacy stores by method for stipends. The board will likewise set up a yearly report giving full record of its exercises amid the past budgetary year and its arrangements for the prospective year.

Shekhawati is situated in northern Rajasthan, containing regions like Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and Nagaur. In the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, Marwari dealers built these fabulous havelis in the district. These havelis are undoubtedly intriguing and are significant vacation destinations even today.

After the definition of tenets, the state government by warning in the official newspaper, will constitute a committee. “The divisional magistrate will be the president of the advisory group. There is additionally a plausibility that the state government could choose a president. Other than this, region gatherer and metropolitan officers will be a piece of the board.”

The authority further said, this perspective came into center after the state bureau endorsed Rajasthan Heritage Conservation Bill, 2014, in February. The Bill has accommodated a state legacy power under the chairmanship of vital secretary, UDH, to recognize and safeguard legacy properties. It will have forces to proclaim a property safeguarded, outline by-laws for legacy preservation and set up a databank of legacy properties. The board would comprise of three clergymen including the UDH pastor. “The choice to make a protection board for Shekhawati was taken as the region has made a blemish on the world guide. The Jhunjhunu locale which has numerous legacy havelis is additionally near the national capital and it could pull in tourism,” said an authority.

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