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MIDC specified in Bhosari land docu, Khadse bargain illicit: Experts

June 1, 2016 | By

The enlisted deal deed of the plot in Bhosari purchased by income priest Eknath Khadse’s significant other and child in-law is illicit as the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), which has its name in the 7/12 remove report of the area, is not gathering to it. The archive can’t be enrolled without the organization’s assent, lawful specialists said on today. A duplicate of the 7/12 archive is with.


The concentrate indicates Abbas Rasulbhai Ukani as the proprietor of the area and in the segment under ‘Different Rights’, the MIDC’s name has been recorded with an expansion ‘range obtained by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation’.

The 7/12 report from the area register kept up by the income division show proof of the responsibility for area it speaks to.

“The MIDC must consent to such an arrangement as its name is in the 7/12 separate. The proprietor has ruptured the MIDC’s conditions by proceeding with a deal deed and this makes the enlistment unlawful. The partnership’s name shows up in one of the sections under ‘different rights’. This implies the enterprise is in procedure of gaining the area which is still fragmented and it has sent notification to the concerned partners. For this situation, there can’t be a deal deed without the MIDC’s assent,” lawful master Prakash Savarkar said.

Activists have brought up issues about the Inspectorate General of Registration and Stamps (IGR) office, saying the buy record was enrolled by joint sub-enlistment center Haveli-10 by overlooking the MIDC’s name on the 7/12 separate and the whole procedure of enrollment must be tested.

RTI lobbyist Vijay Kumbhar said: “It is the obligation of the IGR and his sub-enlistment center to check the records. MIDC is gathering for the situation and it was not by any means mulled over when the deal deed was enrolled on April 28, 2016. This is terrible infringement of the law.”

Engineer Hemant Gawande, in his police grumbling enrolled on today, has said: “Eknath Khadse has abused his office and utilized his impact as income pastor to usurp and get the piece and bundle of area which in fact has been procured by the MIDC. It is a conceded position that there are different commercial enterprises on the said plot and for no situation at all the deal deed would have been conceivable had it not been for the impact of the income clergyman.”

Whenever reached, Ajit Deshmukh, MIDC’s Pune territorial officer, said: “We have presented the status report of the plot in Bhosari MIDC to the vice president official officer and foremost secretary, industry. They will make further move.”

Khadse has asserted that the enterprise has nothing to do with the area and the administration office has wrongfully possessed it without giving any pay to Ukani, the first proprietor.

The pastor said all the reports identified with the area were clear and the MIDC had no directly over the area. “These are charges made by a man who has manufactured reports to get land having a place with the College of Agriculture in Pune,” he said. Khadse requested that his staff clarify the MIDC land points of interest to.

As per data gave by Khadse’s staff, the MIDC has “wrongfully had” this area since 1971 without making any installment to the proprietor.

“The proprietor of the area is Ukani and MIDC’s name shows up on 7/12 separate in the ‘other rights’ section. There is no lawful procurement that stops the enlistment of a deal deed in view of this current,” Khadse’s staff illuminated.

Khadse’s office guaranteed the area procurement procedure was naturally crossed out as MIDC neglected to secure the area and pay remuneration to the proprietor.

Priest of businesses Subhash Desai has said the area has a place with MIDC and it can’t be obtained by anybody. Desai, who met columnists in Mumbai, let them know: “The Bhosari land has a place with MIDC. I have taken all the data with respect to this. The MIDC land can’t be obtained.”

The deal deed (a duplicate of which is with) enlisted on April 28, 2016, demonstrates that Mandakini Eknathrao Khadse and Girish Dayaram Chaudhari obtained the area for Rs 3.75 crore. The deal deed, without specifying the MIDC, states, “The said property falls under modern zone… At present, significant part of the said property is illicitly involved by unapproved persons and is in the unlawful control of outsiders and all things considered the merchants (unique proprietors) are not in supreme ownership of the said property.”

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