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Mr. Himmat Singh – CEO Home Trust, Gurgaon | Interview

September 25, 2013 | By


Mr. Himmat Singh – CEO Home Trust, Gurgaon

Propdaily: What will be major effects on property rates after Rapid Metro?
Mr. Singh: See, public facilities are always adding the additional cost for any service or product, starting of Rapid Metro in Gurgaon will definitely add some cost to existing properties and at the same time it will help to investors to get an easy accessibility.

himmat-singh-propdailyPropdaily: How it benefits to Builders?

Mr. Singh: Builders always facilitating to investors or residents or corporate office holders with good roads, security and other facilities, starting of rapid metro will help to builders to explore the opportunity for investors in Gurgaon.

Propdaily: How it benefits to investors & buyers?
Mr. Singh: Investment are being happen to keep the proportionate money in future, like if the residents will increase, the facilities will increase automatically the costing of the project will increase, and this is again adding a value to those investors/ buyers who already invested in near by locations.


Propdaily: Is Bhiwadi real estate is affecting Gurgaon realty Market?
Mr. Singh: Not much, because the investors who are having the mind set to invest in Gurgaon are investing in gurgaon, but yes Bhiwadi market has open for those investors who are having small budget.

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