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Noida advances Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority 350cr to pay agriculturists

December 29, 2015 | By

Desperate Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has approached its sister power in Noida for an advance of Rs 600 crore.

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In any case, Rama Raman, administrator of the three advancement powers of GB Nagar, has given his assent for a credit measure of Rs 350 crore, which will be given at a loan fee of 9%. As per authorities, the advance solicitation was made by YEIDA CEO Arun Vir Singh.

Authorities said the credit sum would be utilized to repay agriculturists who should be paid remuneration of 64.7%, with regards to a request of the Allahabad high court of October 2011. About 25,500 agriculturists are to get a pay measure of Rs 6,500 crore.

“We require about Rs 300 crore for circulating area remuneration crosswise over eight towns to build a 60 vast administration street along the Yamana Expressway,” Singh said. “This street has as of now been built up to Dankaur from Greater Noida for around 22km yet now should be taken up to Jewar by another 36km. We likewise require another Rs 55 crore to remunerate ranchers for area in Sector 17 other than other area pockets for different improvement and base necessities in the YEIDA zone,” he said.

As indicated by sources, YEIDA as of now has an obligation of about Rs 3,200 crore. While trying to acquire more, YEIDA as of late trekked land designation rates over all classifications of area in its region. A climb running from 5% to 20% will be executed with impact from January 1, 2016. “We have drawn up an activity plan to acquire more and are recognizing prime openings. Having allocated 100 sections of land for setting up an electronic assembling group in the YEIDA zone, we expect immense ventures of about Rs 3,000 crore. Other than this, we are likewise tackling errant plot proprietors who have not yet saved their duty towards property dispensed to them by YEIDA,” Singh said.

Property defaulters incorporate more than 2,000 allottees

A measure of Rs 921 crore is extraordinary from manufacturers and allotttees and Rs 150 crore is likewise to be gathered from private plot proprietors. “A number of them have defaulted on their installments from the time the property was designated to them,” Singh said.

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