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Occupants move SC for street access

May 16, 2016 | By

Residents of Sector 45 have bid in the Supreme Court after the high court declined to give a keep focused development of a school which was taking up part of a street. The segment of the street was purportedly sold off by a land engineer to a school.

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Inhabitants had drawn nearer the Punjab and Haryana High Court two years back with the issue after which Huda had allegedly presented an oath, promising to make an option course. Be that as it may, the option course was never created and the area has purportedly been sold by the engineer to a school.

The street lies near Greenwood City, an undertaking of Unitech, and goes through divisions 44 and 45, which are Huda parts. More than 2,000 families that live in the Sector 45 think that its hard to get to the business sector, national expressway 8 and Huda City Center Metro station because of the development.

“We need to take an option 2 kilometer long course to reach Huda City Center metro station which lies only 250 meters far from my home,” said Ahmed Mohamed, an inhabitant.

The school is being built in a zone of 1000 square yards and blocks the development of no less than 2,000 families.

Unitech declined to make any remark in the matter.

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