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Pune to contract proficient CEO for keen city venture

April 12, 2016 | By

Pune will be the main city among the primary cluster of 20 Smart Cities to procure an expert as the (CEO) to execute the yearning venture. In every single other citie, civil servants have been posted as CEOs.


Sources in the urban improvement service said the city organization has educated them about the choice and they will choose the hopeful by welcoming applications from experts. “This methodology is great and demonstrate more gainful. In that capacity, there have additionally been cases of focal government getting experts at secretary level,” said an authority.

The Smart City rules of UD service accommodates arrangement of CEOs to drive the idea and administer execution as opposed to leaving these assignments to metropolitan bodies. The CEOs will be the official head of unique reason vehicles (SPV) for every city like that for Metro rail ventures where overseeing chiefs are the sole in-control. They will hold office for an altered residency of three years.

These SPVs will be going by a divisional official, gatherer, metropolitan magistrate or head of advancement power. In Bhubaneswar, an extra boss secretary has been designated as the leader of the SPV.

All chose urban communities in the main parcel have set up SPVs. According to Smart City Mission rules, focal help of Rs 200 crore for each chose city would be discharged endless supply of SPVs.

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