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Rajasthan govt cornered over affirmed unlawful change of area use

April 1, 2016 | By

Administering MLAs today cornered the Rajasthan government over affirmed unlawful area use change in the mechanical range in Kota.


BJP MLA from Kota North, Prahlad Gunjal brought up the issue identified with area apportioning in Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) in Kota amid the inquiry hour.

In his answer, Industry Minister Gajendra Singh said there is no procurement to change land use from modern to private and no such transformation occurred in three mechanical territories built up in Kota region in the most recent ten years.

Communicating disappointment over the answer, Gunjal asserted that a manufacturer in intrigue with a few officers got the modern area changed to private and wrongfully developed 500 pads.

He requested activity against the officers and a particular answer from the clergyman.

Another BJP MLA Heeralal Naagar additionally raised the comparable issue. In any case, the speaker did not permit his inquiry.

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