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Rajasthan govt to investigate land misrepresentation in Alwar

March 22, 2016 | By

Rajasthan government on Monday said that it will investigate the claimed extortion by land designers in Alwar and if necessary the matter would be alluded to police.


Urban Development Minister Rajpal Singh said in the House that if a private engineer cheats individuals and does not assign plot or level notwithstanding getting cash, police activity is required and parties concerned ought to cabin grumblings with police.

Amid the Zero Hour, administering BJP MLA Ramhet Yadav raised the issue of affirmed misrepresentation by private engineers in Alwar and requested activity by the legislature.

Yadav educated the House that there are around 25,000 such casualties who had paid cash to the designers to buy area or level yet the engineers vanished subsequent to offering the area to some different designers.

Yadav claimed that the casualties did not get ownership of plot or level furthermore their cash was not returned.

The Minister said the matter will come in the domain of the UDH division just if the guide is authorized by the power concerned and there is no development at the site inside of five years.

Notwithstanding, Singh said that he will investigate the matter and the division would record a protestation with police if anything incorrectly was found.

Interceding in the matter, Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria said the police will have the capacity to make a move just if there is a grievance against anybody. He likewise recommended that casualties ought to document a police protest.

Amid the Question Hour, Agriculture Minister Prabhu Lal Saini today said the responsibility of officers will be settled if any misfortune happened because of low quality of seeds and it will be recouped from the compensations of the officer dependable.

Answering to an inquiry, Saini said the issue went to his notification amid his visit to Chittorgarh some time back after which he sent an abnormal state advisory group to investigate the issue.

The administration will make a move if affirmed seed is being exasperates or there is contaminated or other anomaly.

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