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Rajasthan Lokayukta orders review of illicit structures made by pvt designers

February 26, 2016 | By

Rajasthan Lokayukta has coordinated the Urban Housing and Development (UDH) division to complete far reaching review of the unlawful structures in city built by the private designers.

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For this, headings have been issued to make a different cell and autonomous study groups, which ought not have any connection with Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) and Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC). An authority said, “The review will be finished inside of the given time span. Likewise, between time month to month reports will be presented by the overview group.”

In such manner, the Lokayukta has required a meeting with UDH authorities on February 26. The Lokayukta has highlighted that the matter is not kidding and influencing the development of the city. It’s unmistakably said that there are more than 1,000 illicit multi-storied structures whose building maps have not been affirmed by any neighborhood power. “In the event that the legislature is true in its endeavors to check the unlawful and danger inclined developments in the city, then it will need to genuinely analyze the status of all such multi-storied structures inside of the locale of both JMC and the JDA, for this reason an extensive study should be embraced,” peruses letter dated February 4, 2016.

It’s been prompted that JDA could regularize the illicit development in the old working in the wake of forcing overwhelming punishments, while, as of late built development can be crushed. “This won’t just serve as a notice to every single future manufacturer however will procure colossal income to the legislature in the meantime.” letter peruses further.

The matter was highlighted after Sachivalaya directed a preparatory enquiry. In a review it was uncovered there are 78 four-storied structures, designers have developed penthouses without getting the maps affirmed.

Sources in the division educated, in the wake of accepting protestations from the inhabitants a physical overview of 200 four-storied structures was directed. It was seen, 78 structures have built penthouses without endorsement of format plan and sold it to occupants. “The engineers are selling so as to gain additional cash these unlawful developments. Out of the 200, the JDA were getting consistent grumbles against 52 ventures.”

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