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Supertech in a bad position as Yamuna e-way township arrangement wiped out over phony

May 24, 2016 | By

One of NCR’s greatest land players, Supertech, has again handled its purchasers in a major wreckage. The building arrangement for its 100-section of land township – Upcountry – on the Yamuna Expressway has been scratched off after two progressive CEOs of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) brought up that the developer had got an amended arrangement endorsed on the premise of a produced letter. Both suggested that a FIR be stopped against Supertech.


This letter from 2011 made ready for Supertech to build its ground scope at the expense of open zone in the township. Supertech along these lines sold an additional 730 plots and estates for an expected Rs 343 crore.

It was just in 2015, when Supertech looked for the fulfillment authentication for the task, that two progressive CEOs of YEIDA – Santosh Yadav and Anil Garg – called attention to that building arranges had been adjusted on the premise of a fashioned archive. currently possesses reports that demonstrate the grave concern raised by the two senior IAS officers and in addition a duplicate of the produced letter.

Supertech Upcountry, with 28 towers, every lodging 120 private units, 948 estates and plots, is practically “sold-out”, as indicated by the manufacturer’s site.

Supertech was distributed a 100-section of land plot – TS-1 – in Sector 17A along the 165-km Yamuna Expressway on June 14, 2010. The plot was enrolled in August. The then executive and CEO of YEIDA Mohinder Singh endorsed the format arrangement of the private township on January 25, 2011 according to YEIDA’s building ordinances of September 2009.

Nonetheless, YEIDA got a letter (no: 2153/77-3-10-01) dated September 13, 2011, purportedly marked by ‘Secretary to the Government of UP, Alok Kumar’. The letter alluded to Supertech Ltd’s proposed township, saying that following no development had been done on the said plot, Supertech ought to be permitted to build on TS-1 according to YEIDA’s new local laws, which came into power in December 2010.

On a particular request started in 2015 by the then YEIDA CEO, Santosh Yadav, a joint secretary of the UP government affirmed in composing that it had issued no such letter, which implied the September 13, 2011 letter was manufactured. At the point when reached the joint secretary, Devi Prasad, in Lucknow, he affirmed the UP government had not issued any such letter.

A senior YEIDA official told, “Supertech had created a letter from the legislature, which gave the developer the advantage of additional ground scope because of usage of the building ordinances of 2010. In 2015, the then YEIDA CEO Santosh Yadav was educated about the letter being fake after which a confirmation was done and the administration affirmed that no such letter had been issued and that it was a fake. Yadav had then coordinated that a show-cause notification be issued to the manufacturer and a FIR be held up.”

“In consistence with Yadav’s bearings, the endorsed arrangement of the township has been crossed out. To the extent the FIR is concerned, legitimate exhortation is being looked for in the matter. Meanwhile, the engineer has made a representation to Noida Authority director Rama Raman (he is additionally the YEIDA executive) that he be heard as the endorsed arrangement was scratched off without a reasonable hearing. We then instructed him to approach the UP government as the matter included a fake letter. The designer has now spoken to the legislature that his endorsed arrangement was wrongly scratched off and he has requested his arrangement to be reestablished in the wake of forcing a monetary punishment on him.”

Supertech CMD R K Arora told he “didn’t know about any letter amongst YEIDA and the legislature”. “The arrangement for the township was endorsed in November 2011 according to appropriate standing rules and state of lease deed. Ground scope is according to pertinent ordinances.”

A draftsman acquainted with the improvements said the designer, under the new building local laws, could benefit 40% ground scope rather than the first 25%. This brought about the engineer getting an extra 15 sections of land of territory for flat advancement, which permitted him to offer 730 new plots and extravagance estates spread crosswise over 91,460 square yards. At a normal deal cost of Rs 37,500 for each sq yard, this works out to an additional Rs 342.98 crore.

This is not the first occasion when that Supertech has been in a bad position. In April 2014, the Allahabad high court coordinated two towers with 857 private units at its Emerald Court venture in Noida’s Sector 93A to be destroyed for spurning building standards and damaging procurements of the UP Apartments Act of 2010.

In April this year, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority coordinated Supertech to seal 1,009 pads and manors at its Czar complex in Greater Noida for expansive scale infringement of the authorized design arrangement.

The fashioned letter from 2011 prepared for Supertech to expand its ground scope at the expense of open zone in the township. Supertech subsequently sold an additional 730 plots and manors for an expected Rs 343 crore

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