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All property records only a tick away

Every one of the one needs to do now to check the status of a property registration is to visit the site of Delhi government’s income office. An e-pursuit will uncover the status of the property, as well as the reports identified with it, including deal deed, home loan and rent deed. Starting on Tuesday, properties enrolled over the 21 sub-enlistment office workplaces in Delhi are being made accessible on the web.


The online framework will have information for all properties that fall under the urban peripheries of the capital, including all states and plotted settlements to which the urban property enrolment framework applies. While the advance in internet overhauling among the 21 sub-enlistment offices workplaces presently shifts, they will in the long run have continuous information and in addition data going back to in any event around two years. Many as of now have information from as far back as 2002, sources said.

Implied mostly to check deceitful enrolment of properties and in addition to forestall altering of records by income field functionaries, the digitisation will likewise guarantee speedy access to data. The income office is currently dealing with offering out the procedure for facilitating the transferring of legacy information to guarantee following of old properties also.

The greatest recipient will be the normal man, who will no longer need to raced to the sub-recorder office to check the enrolment status of a potential property buy. “When you have the enlistment number, you can check the status on the web,” said an authority. “Regardless of the possibility that the enrolment number is inaccessible, an inquiry alternative permits anybody access to data on enlistments did at a specific sub-recorder office in a particular zone in a specific year.”

A drop-down box on the site will demonstrate the related status of archives like deal deed, rent deed and home loan papers. The whole documentation won’t be accessible, however individuals will now be in a position to see the status of the property records and afterward apply to the sub-recorder for duplicates.

Recently, had reported how records of properties on khasras in provincial towns of Delhi, aside from in north locale towns and those under solidification or where records were damaged, had been digitized, with computerized marks rendering these legitimately substantial. The usage started from Tuesday. The records of north area will likewise be accessible in computerize organize soon. A sum of 33,458 khatas (records) in 109 provincial towns have been digitized as such.

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