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मनोहरलाल खट्टर ने कहा अपनी जरुरत का पानी भी दिल्ली को दे देता है हरियाणा के सीएम

हरियाणा के मुख्यमंत्री मनोहरलाल खट्टर ने कहा है कि हरियाणा दिल्ली को बहुत ज्यादा पानी दे रहा है जबकि हरियाणा की पानी की जरुरतें ज्यादा हैं. उन्होनें कहा की पानी को राष्ट्रीय संपदा बनाया जाए यह किसी एक प्रदेश तक सीमित नहीं होना चाहिए.


मुख्यमंत्री खट्टर ने कहा कि दिल्ली को पानी देने से हरियाणा में पानी की कमी हो गई है इसलिए दिल्ली को बाकी राज्य भी पानी दें. उन्होनें कहा कि हरियाणा कि जनता दूर-दूर से पानी लाती है तब भी उसकी पानी की जरुरतें पूरी नहीं हो पा रही हैं और हरियाणा के लोग पानी के लिए तरस रहे हैं. उन्होनें कहा कि पानी की जरुरतों को देखते हुए दिल्ली को खुद ही पानी के श्रोत खोजने चाहिए.

सीएम ने कहा की मेरे दो वर्ष के कार्यकाल में हरियाणा में बहुत बदलाव आया है और हमारी शासन व्यवस्था पारदर्शी है. उन्होनें कहा कि पहले दिल्ली की जनसंख्या कम थी लेकिन आबादी बढ जाने के कारण दिल्ली की पानी की जरुरतें काफी बढ गई हैं और अब हरियाणा दिल्ली को इतना पानी दे पाने में समर्थ नहीं है.

हरियाणा के मुख्यमंत्री मनोहरलाल खट्टर ने कहा है कि हरियाणा दिल्ली को बहुत ज्यादा पानी दे रहा है जबकि हरियाणा की पानी की जरुरतें ज्यादा हैं. उन्होनें कहा की पानी को राष्ट्रीय संपदा बनाया जाए यह किसी एक प्रदेश तक सीमित नहीं होना चाहिए.

मुख्यमंत्री खट्टर ने कहा कि दिल्ली को पानी देने से हरियाणा में पानी की कमी हो गई है इसलिए दिल्ली को बाकी राज्य भी पानी दें. उन्होनें कहा कि हरियाणा कि जनता दूर-दूर से पानी लाती है तब भी उसकी पानी की जरुरतें पूरी नहीं हो पा रही हैं और हरियाणा के लोग पानी के लिए तरस रहे हैं. उन्होनें कहा कि पानी की जरुरतों को देखते हुए दिल्ली को खुद ही पानी के श्रोत खोजने चाहिए.

सीएम ने कहा की मेरे दो वर्ष के कार्यकाल में हरियाणा में बहुत बदलाव आया है और हमारी शासन व्यवस्था पारदर्शी है. उन्होनें कहा कि पहले दिल्ली की जनसंख्या कम थी लेकिन आबादी बढ जाने के कारण दिल्ली की पानी की जरुरतें काफी बढ गई हैं और अब हरियाणा दिल्ली को इतना पानी दे पाने में समर्थ नहीं है.

उन्होनें बताया कि सतलज यमुना लिंक (SYL) के मुद्दे पर राज्य का एक सर्वदलीय शिष्टमंडल 28 नवंबर को राष्ट्रपति से मुलाकात करेगा. मुख्यमंत्री ने कहा कि हरियाणा ने हमेशा दिल्ली को पानी दिया है लेकिन अब वह दिल्ली को उतना पानी नहीं दे पाएगा जितना पहले देता

Haryana govt taps developers for IAF zone occupants in Gurgaon

The Haryana government is in converses with private developers to give elective lodging to individuals living in the limited range around the IAF ammo terminal. The Punjab and Haryana high court has guided the Manohar Lal Khattar government to expel all structures that exist in 300 meters of the warehouse, and the state is investigating alternatives to restore individuals who live there.


Conversing with, Gurgaon MLA Umesh Aggarwal said, “There shouldn’t be any structures inside 900 meters of this terminal. Nonetheless, in November 2014 an abnormal state advisory group under the Cabinet secretary had recommended to the service of safeguard that the limited region around the ammo warehouse be decreased from the current 900 meters to 300 meters. The court had consented to it, gave all the current structures inside 0-300 meters from the station are expelled,” he said. “We are attempting to move the inhabitants around there and will give them lodging somewhere else. We are in chats with private manufacturers,” Aggarwal included.

The high court has made it clear that as far as possible might be lessened from 900 meters to 300 when the legislature guarantees all structures are expelled. “We need to start the procedure soon so that those living outside the 300-meter range can hurl a moan of help,” he included.

The inhabitants say they live in trepidation. “We are continually living in apprehension as the court case has been continuing for quite a long time,” said Ashok Yadav, a Sheetla settlement occupant. “We need a lawful shield so we don’t need to stress over our homes getting annihilated,” Yadav included.

Housetop sun powered plants must for new home structures in Haryana

The Haryana government has set a yearning focus of producing 1,600MW force through housetop sun powered plants by 2021-22. The attention on housetop sunlight based force plants is a piece of the Haryana sun oriented force approach discharged by the Manohar Lal Khattar government in March.


A year ago, the legislature had made a declaration making it obligatory for houses based on plots of 500 square yards or more to introduce housetop sun powered boards yet the arrangement was a non-starter.

Be that as it may, the new strategy has restored that proposition and commanded establishment of sun oriented force plants of 3-5% associated load for every private expanding on plots of 500 square yards and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Sun powered plants are likewise required in all legislature and private instructive foundations, colleges and workplaces having associated heap of 30KW and on top of every private healing facility, and modern and business foundations having associated heap of 50KW.

“The real center of the arrangement is on housetop sun powered force plants which will help the state to accomplish the set target,” educated a senior authority of HAREDA, Haryana’s division of renewable vitality. The arrangement likewise indicates that in the private classification, just the new structures will need to introduce sunlight based force plants.

Remarking on the new approach, Shubhra Puri, sun oriented force master and organizer of Gurgaon First, said, “The new arrangement is a superior and greater variant of the prior strategy and the push is certainly on the housetop sun powered force plants. In urban regions, while housetop sun powered force plants are a decent choice, the center in rustic ranges will be on greater activities.” She said that while the adjustments in the approach were welcome, execution was the key.

The division had before de-informed warm sun powered water radiators, which had been required throughout the previous 10 years. As indicated by the sources at HAREDA, this was done as at the same time both photovoltaic (PV) power plants and warm sun based water radiators can’t be obliged on housetops and PV sun powered force plants are substantially more valuable to individual customers and the state government.

The PV sun oriented force plants will be lattice associated and the vitality created from such frameworks will be in total balanced at 90% of the power utilization amid the money related year and an impetus of 25 paise per unit will likewise be given to the buyer.

“The impact of the developers’ hall is clear from the sudden withdrawal of the principle on warm water radiators. Presently, they will go for shoddy electronic warmers, which won’t just be costly yet will likewise expend control along these lines affecting nature adversely,” said Hardeep Darshan, a lobbyist.

Enormous support for land in Gurgaon as Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway opens up

The opening of Palwal-Manesar stretch of Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway has come as a jolt of engineers in the territory who are anticipating that exceptional additions due should expanded network. The 53-km stretch of KMP Expressway was initiated on today by Union transport clergyman Nitin Gadkari and boss pastor Manohar Lal Khattar.


“The greatly anticipated introduction of KMP Expressway will give a fillip to the surface base scene in NCR, and specifically advantage the private land miniaturized scale markets in nearer nearness,” said Navin M Raheja, CMD, Raheja Developers Limited.

He included that the logistics/warehousing industry and comparing land improvements are relied upon to advantage colossally in the quick future. “It will facilitate the activity in Delhi extensively, give great network to Gurgaon from different urban areas of the NCR or more every one of, the possibilities of land undertakings will light up because of enhanced openness”, said R K Arora, director, Supertech Limited.

As per a senior HSIIDC official, the significant favorable position of the stretch will be the diminishment in activity entering Delhi and Gurgaon which will cut down street blockage and in addition contamination levels. “It will get significant decrease contamination levels in the whole NCR. This is one of the real base activities wanted to simplicity movement clog,” said Arora.

Prior, pastor Nitin Gadkari additionally said that contamination levels in Delhi would descend by half because of the eastern and western fringe interstates. In the interim, boss pastor Manohar Lal Khattar reported that the pending 83-km Kundli – Palwal stretch will be finished inside of a year.

Had reported that the Palwal-Manesar stretch of the KMP Expressway was set to be dispatched in April.

Exchange of 164 Huda parts to MCG gets Haryana govt gesture

The Haryana government on Tuesday affirmed the exchange of 164 Huda private segments, 36 of them in Gurgaon, to civil organizations for support regardless of ruling disarray on how these handovers will occur and expects that the city bodies are terribly caught off guard for such a mammoth acceleration of obligations.


In Gurgaon, boss pastor Manohar Lal Khattar had declared the exchange of DLF stages 1-3, Sushant Lok-1, and Palam Vihar to MCG in February, yet it’s yet to happen in light of the fact that the MCG needs city base in these territories overhauled before it takes control of upkeep. The MCG is likewise doing combating an intense staff smash of its own, making it not well prepared to tackle the extra obligations.

Huda attempted to address that by exchanging its staff occupied with these administrations to MCG yet confronted a reaction from the representatives who went on a strike. Occupants, in the interim, are befuddled about the double duties they pay to the MCG and upkeep charges to private developers. The state has given no clarity on that.

On the ground, the exchange implies charge of essential administrations like support of streets, water supply, seepage and streetlights will go to urban bodies for Gurgaon’s situation, the MCG. It redresses a jurisdictional peculiarity that had seen Huda, an advancement power whose brief is to fabricate urban base, give community benefits that are in a metropolitan enterprise’s space.

In any case, while these exchanges have been for quite some time looked for, the absence of readiness, obvious in Gurgaon, has left numerous shocked about the timing of the choice. A senior government official did not discount Huda’s budgetary crunch being one of the central elements.

Yet, the administration on Tuesday proceeded with the area exchange plan and set a due date of April 30 by which it needs to finish the handover. The request was issued by the urban nearby bodies office and is appropriate to all Huda private segments in the state that are no less than five years of age. A sum of 188 segments, including 21 mechanical and 3 institutional segments in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Rohtak, Hissar, Karnal, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Panchkula and will be given over to civil enterprises throughout the following one month.

The advancement of key framework like procurement of meat markets, cremation ground, transport center points, waste transfer and landfill locales for strong waste administration and sewerage treatment plants will keep on being finished by Huda. It will likewise keep on authorizing building arranges and issue occupation declarations.

“We have gotten the request and will take after headings,” said a senior Huda official, however yielded he was confused how the exchange would occur.

The request indicates a three-month window in which Huda must finish base work in the divisions. “Huda will need to finish all improvement works like street, sewerage in next three months or pay the commonly concurred sum to the metropolitan company before handover of segments. Huda will submit design arrangements of individual parts proposed for exchange showing all offices which should be given by Huda according to unique evaluations. Metropolitan enterprises will have no energy to roll out improvement in the format, division and zoning arrangement of segment without taking assent of Huda.”

Extra boss secretary of the bureau of town and nation arranging, P Raghvendra Rao, said segments must be exchanged in light of the fact that it is compulsory to do as such under law. He said exchange of segments was deferred for quite a long time for a few reasons, similar to hesitance of city bodies because of poor funds. “Alongside the areas, labor and assets occupied with upkeep work will be given over to city bodies,” said Rao, including that the poor monetary state of Huda could be a halfway reason, yet not the sole explanation behind exchange of divisions.

Pvt engineers to construct 1 lakh reasonable houses in Haryana under new plan

To give one lakh reasonable pads in Haryana, including Panchkula, Gurgaon and Faridabad, the Manohar Lal Khattar-drove BJP government has reported another lodging plan for the state. The pads will be developed by private players under the supervision of the administration.

images (97)

The state bureau headed by boss priest Khattar endorsed the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna to accomplish the objective of houses for all and to diminish the threat of mushrooming of unapproved settlements in the state.

The administration additionally reexamined zone standards for authorized provinces of medium-and low-potential zones. The new approach goes for growing ‘high-thickness plotted provinces’ in low and medium potential towns of the state wherein little plots will be made accessible through a liberal permitting strategy.

Under the plan, every single such venture will be required to be essentially finished inside of seven years from the date of stipend of permit to land designers. The activities will be permitted in private zones of advised advancement arrangements of towns. Permit charges will be exacted at a rate of Rs 1 lakh for each section of land for medium-potential towns and Rs 10,000 for each section of land for low-potential towns.

The administration had before watched that the colonizers were not finishing inward improvement works of the settlement inside of the legitimacy of the permit and the office concerned was required to recharge the permit on the solicitations made by the colonizer. It used to postpone giving over of ownership to the allottees regardless of installment made to the colonizer.

“Presently, with a specific end goal to ensure the enthusiasm of the allottees, the colonizer would be permitted to offer just half of the saleable range till finish of inside developmen works,” said Khattar.

Huda might contract area to raise stores for new areas

The Haryana goverment is wanting to home loan Huda’s territory bank for bank credits to hold over its monetary emergency. This follows in the strides of the Punjab government, which has likewise sold land and other government-claimed resources intermittently to raise bank credits to top off its drained coffers.


After a meeting with the boss secretary and extra boss secretary in the primary week of January, boss priest Manohar Lal Khattar guided the urban improvement body to investigate the likelihood of taking an advance from Housing and Urban Development Corporation (Hudco) against its territory bank. Reeling under a budgetary emergency, Huda needs enormous mixture of cash to finish progressing advancement work over the state.

By assessment, it needs over Rs 23,000 crore for advancement work in Gurgaon alone. Before it approaches Hudco, however, Huda has another occupation – to make an index of its property resources over the state.

Other than taking a credit from Hudco, the CM likewise solicited Huda to investigate plausibility from raising assets from different sources, for example, looking at the achievability of building a business tower in Sector 29, Gurgaon. “Huda is selling so as to plan to gain cash shops and workplaces in this business tower. The CM has likewise solicited us to set up a point of interest from business plots Huda claims, and set up an arrangement for their closeout inside of two months,” said a senior Huda official, including the business plots will be unloaded subsequent to settling sensible store costs. The CM has likewise coordinated Huda to get ready subtle elements of its duty liabilities and of the punishment forced by the high court for deferrals in granting pay.

In the previous couple of years, as Huda ventured into the red from overflow, improvement ventures have either slowed down or have been moving at a snail’s pace. Conceding that Huda is confronting a money related emergency, bureau of town and nation arranging extra boss secretary P Raghavendra Rao put the fault on the 2013 high court order that honored upgraded pay for area securing. He said Huda is in the red in Gurgaon, as well as in different zones also, and just for the same reason.

Hudco, in the interim, has communicated its eagerness to give Huda the credit it urgently looks for. In a letter to Huda, Hudco provincial boss Kamar Ali has specified that Hudco, which gives credits to lodging and base tasks, is prepared to give an advance to Huda on simple terms, with low loan fee and a 15-year reimbursement arrangement.

Notice to Robert Vadra’s company not vindictiveness: Haryana CM

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar today insisted that the notice issued to a company owned by Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra was not any act of vindictiveness, saying such a step has been taken with regard to “all defaulters” and not him alone.


He told reporters here that it is not an issue of “Vadra or no Vadra” but his BJP government would carry out probe wherever any wrongdoing has been committed and set the things right.

“Look, it is not just one company. All the defaulters have been sent the notice,” Khattar said when asked about the notice by Haryana government to Vadra’s company Skylight Hospitalities, seeking details of a land deal in Gurgaon with realty major DLF, for the purpose of imposing tax.

There is no question of targeting anyone in particular or act of vindictiveness, the Chief Minister said. “Vadra or no Vadra is not the issue. Our target is to set the things right wherever any wrongdoing has taken place,” he said addressing a press conference here ahead of the completion of one year of his government on October 26.

Asserting that his government was committed to provide a transparent and corruption-free administration, Khattar said his regime had proceeded as per law wherever any wrongdoing had come to its fore.

He said in all 213 cases had been filed through Vigilance Bureau in past one year that included 25 against the public servants.

Various probes pertaining to the alleged acts of ommission and commission and wrongdoings which took place during the tenure of the previous government are underway, he said.

Haryana to develop Gurgaon as Smart City

Haryana government today said the state will develop Gurgaon as Smart City with its own resources following centeral guidelines and technical assistance. As per the procedure, Karnal and Faridabad were selected to be developed as Smart City in Haryana. However, the state seems to be keen to develop the NCR town Gurgaon also as a Smart City by raising the required fund itself.

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“As per the Centre’s Smart City scheme, Rs 100 cr is given in a year for five years for developing a Smart City. So we will arrange that Rs 500 cr of our own for Gurgaon. Even though we do not get central fund, we are ready to do it of our own,” Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said here at a function here.

Haryana CM further said “now there will be total three Smart Cities including those two announced by the Centre.” Khattar further said the state is focusing on e-governance to bring transparency and eliminating corruption.

As per the NDA government’s Smart City Mission, the Centre has announced a list of 98 cities and towns selected for development as Smart Cities.

These cities and towns were nominated by respective States and Union Territories at the end of first stage of City Challenge competition in which all the urban local bodies in each State and UT were evaluated based on their financial and institutional capacities and past track record.

Khattar said “all central guidelines for the Smart City will be followed by the state including technical assistance to develop Gurgaon as Smart City.”

“All datas, including land record, pension, birth certificate everything is being digitised now,” he said adding “birth certificate will be now linked to Aadhar and a child will be an automatically a voter after attaining the voting age.”

He also said there will be about 2,500 service centres in villages across the state to help villagers. He said the state is going to introduce biometric attendance system in schools. “It will be applicable both for students and teachers and it will curb corruption,” Khattar said.

Pointing out that power and education sector remain a challenge for the state, Khattar said, “the last government did not do anything to strengthen the power infrastructure and because of that we are facing problems now. Everybody has to pay now for power consumption.”

Gurgaon in Push for in final smart city list

The Haryana government is likely to recommend the inclusion of Gurgaon in the Modi government’s flagship project to develop 100 smart cities at a meeting this week after being roundly criticized for shortlisting Faridabad and Karnal.

download (5)

The state’s mandarins will hold a meeting on the selections with officials of the Union urban development ministry after chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar returns from the US, according to sources. A high-level meeting is also scheduled for August 26 in Chandigarh under the chairmanship of Khattar and Rao Narbir Singh, the state PWD minister and MLA from Badshapur.

But a decision will have to be taken quickly as the Centre intends to announce the final list of 100 cities by September 1. TOI had reported on July 30 that the Haryana government had written to the urban development ministry, requesting it to include Gurgaon in the final list of smart cities, without financial assistance, if needed. Officials don’t see funds being a hurdle if the city makes the final cut.

Director of urban local bodies (ULB) Pankaj Agarwal told TOI on Sunday, “A final call on proposing Gurgaon’s name for the smart city project will be taken only after the chief minister is back from his foreign tour. If not in the first phase, we will try to push for Gurgaon’s inclusion in the second phase of the project.”

Based on the points system laid down by the Centre for the smart city challenge, Faridabad and Karnal – which happens to be the CM’s constituency – made the cut from a longlist of 10. Gurgaon lost out despite being the largest contributor to the state’s finances because, among other factors, it drew a blank in the JNNURM schemes segment. Critics found that unfair since Gurgaon does not have any JNNURM scheme and is fully self-sufficient on funds.

Gurgaon MP Rao Inderjit Singh had also expressed displeasure over the selection and said he had expected the state government to be fair. “I think it is too early to say that Gurgaon is being neglected by the Haryana government as was being done during the Congress rule. I am expecting the state government to adopt fair play while selecting the cities,” Singh had said in Gurgaon earlier this month.

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