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Telangana might continue 10,000 sections of land of govt area

April 1, 2016 | By

More than two lakh property enrollments, done somewhere around 1999 and 2007, are presently under the scanner of the income, enlistments and stamps division. These enrollments were done on informed government land. Furnished with the late high court request on restriction of enrollments on advised government arrive, the state government is motivating prepared to proclaim them invalid and void soon.


Authorities trust that the move will help the state government to resume prime area, particularly in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy regions.

A few thousand sections of land of government area is under the grip of area grabbers and large portions of them changed over the area into plots and sold them to private people. A couple of months prior, the team advisory group ashore, headed by resigned IAS officer SK Sinha, recognized such exercises in zones, for example, Turkayamjal, Ameenpur, Patancheru and Tellapur in Ranga Reddy and Medak locale.

The state government additionally formally conceded that around 98,169 sections of land of doled out area was sold to private people by more than one lakh trustees in the previous couple of decades in the state. As per authority gauges, around 10,000 sections of land of government area had gone into private hands. Sources in the income division said data relating to government land furthermore property enrollments done on government land somewhere around 1999 and 2007 is being assembled from the enlistments and stamps office.


Authorities said forbiddance of enlistments of government area started in 1999 by the then AP government. The AP government got Section 22-A Registration Act, which disallows enlistments in appreciation of certain class of area rather than open approach by a warning and the enrollment officers can decline to enlist such properties.

The Supreme Court struck down the Section 22-An as its open arrangement was not characterized by the administration. To restore the critical procurement in the Act, the then AP government characterized the Section 22-A by ordering the area into five to six classifications, particularly arrive gathered hobbies of focal and state government, nearby bodies, instructive, social, religious and altruistic organizations and area joined by common, criminal, income, immediate and circuitous duty laws which are prone to antagonistically affect the enthusiasm of the administration.

Taking after this, the income office proclaimed the accumulated government land under Section 22-A(1) by welcoming protests and proposals.

The then controller general of enrollments and stamps division, SK Sinha, issued definite rules for stoppage of enlistments on advised government land. Nonetheless, a case was recorded in the high court with a few individuals guaranteeing that there were clashing judgements on forbiddance of property enlistments and grouping of government area by single judge seat. Later it was alluded to a bigger seat. At long last, the high court in December, 2015 cleared the questions about the execution of Section 22-An of Indian Registration Act, 1908. It additionally maintained the rules issued by the then IG of enrollments and stamps office including every one of the enlistments finished between April 1, 1999 and June 20, 2007.

“Since the high court affirmed forbiddance of enlistment of government area which were advised as government area to private individuals, this will prove to be useful to the powers to check inconsistencies. We are additionally investigating the enlistments done after 2007 to till date,” another authority of enrollments office said.

Whenever reached, vice president clergyman Mohd Mahmood Ali said the state government would continue the administration land infringed upon by private persons at any expense. “Either the people need to hand over the area or get it regularized according to the administration regularization plans every once in a while,” the vice president pastor said.

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